Spotify Playlists in Serato

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Recreate Spotify playlists in Serato automatically.

Just select your music folder, the playlist you want to recreate, and Audiomatic will do it for you.

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How does it work?

  • Select Music Folder

    Tell Audiomatic where you store your music.

  • Select Spotify Playlist

    'Rap Caviar', 'mint', 'Baila Reggaeton', ...

  • Create Serato Crate

    Audiomatic will smartly match the songs in the playlist with the ones you own to create your version of said playlist in Serato.

Download missing

If you have a subscription, Audiomatic will also provide links like this for you to download the songs you are missing.

Frequently Asked questions

I have over 10,000 songs in my folder. How long does it take?

Audiomatic is blazing fast! It can process libraries with thousands of songs in a matter of seconds.

Will it grab similar tracks like redrums and remixes?


Does it work with other DJ software?

For now it only works with Serato. We are working to bring it to you in rekordbox, Traktor, and Virtual DJ.


Audiomatic for MacOS

Audiomatic for MacOS

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Audiomatic for Windows

Audiomatic for Windows

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